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- Standards (Site) Covering songs can be a touchy art. Make the song sound the same as the original and the listener has to wonder who cares? Changing the song too much can squash the original’s intent. On Standards, Blaggards have found the perfect middle road and drunkenly…ehem…happily strolls down its merry way. If you’re looking for great music spilling with Irish attitude, look no further. Opening with “Drunken Sailor,” this version is as hard hitting as a fist full of knuckles. Showcasing sheer musical genius, The Blaggards melt together two completely different, and great, songs; Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues” and traditional Irish weeper “The Fields of Athenry,” giving birth to “Prison Love Songs.” You will not hear a better version of “ Rocky Road to Dublin ” anywhere. Singer/guitarist, and Dublin born, Patrick Devlin has the perfect voice that captures the emotions of the song, especially the fighting part. While Turi Hoiseth’s violin reigns supreme in “Slapper’s Medley,” her playing is an anchor within the music throughout the disc. Hey is that a bit of reggae/ska I hear in “Suspicious Minds?” Although I’ve never seen the Blaggards in person, all pictures of Patrick Devlin and drummer Brian Vogel (hails from MA) lead me to believe that they’re whack jobs. Do I smell opening slots for Flogging Molly or Dropkick Murphys? – Denis Sheehan



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