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(Heretic Films) Documentary. 73 minutes. Not Rated. In 1997, Winter decided to set his arse a goal: visit every Starbucks location. Not only does he run around visiting Starbucks, he also must drink a coffee from each store and take a photograph. That may not seem like a big deal, but since Winter visits many stores a day, the caffeine in his systems is constantly pushing full. In fact, Winter tries to break his personal best of hitting 28 stores in 24 hours, and downs a cup of Joe at every stop. With camera in hand, Bill Tangeman follows Winter from store to store and on the road capturing the adventures, including a face to face with the “Denny’s” guy, of an obsessive compulsive man who also just happens to be one jittery mo-fo. 
I originally requested this DVD from Heretic’s PR dude to hopefully better understand the obsession people have with coffee as I do not drink the sludge and fail to get its appeal. However, this documentary isn’t about coffee or even Starbucks for that matter; it’s about one man’s look at life and how he uses this Starbucks goal as a way of achievement. Yes, coffee and Starbucks is the vehicle and prominent throughout, but both could have been replaced with anything and the feel and meaning of the documentary would remain intact. Winter, who’s a mish mash of Gilbert Gottfried, Charles De Mar from Better Off Dead, and Gary Dell Abate, started this run in 1997 and continues to this day, but there is no time stamp in this documentary letting viewers know the span captured. The oddest thing about Starbucking is how Winter seems “alive” only while on the road running from Starbucks to Starbucks. While home or at leisure, he comes across as bored and almost depressed. What will become of Winter when/if he is unable to partake in his journeys? Extras include commentary with Winter and Tangemen, deleted scenes, and trailers. Starbucking is mind boggling, funny (you have to laugh at Winter’s hand rubbing enthusiasm at being the first customer at a new Starbucks), and good for fans of road trip junk. – Denis Sheehan



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