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(Sub Rosa) Christian genre in a horror way. 82 minutes. Not rated, violence. Franklin McDowell embarks on a dark journey to kill his estranged wife. But along the way, he receives resistance from a mysterious and relentless guy who calls himself Davie . Davie is wise beyond his years, and he attempts to help Frankie deal with, and over come the obstacles and evils that we read about every day in the newspaper.
     The movie opens up with really good visuals, and a great monologue that makes you stop and think about life in our own space, as well as on earth. Davie digs deep through out the movie, to try and find the words that will bring a change to Frankie’s obsessive life. This is not what I would call a typical Christian film, which is a good thing. It seems to think outside the box and show the real cruelties of life. I found this movie to have an interesting mix of a strong Christian message, but delivered in somewhat of a horror movie fashion. There were plenty of jumps, scares and chase scenes. The story moves along at a pretty fast pace, and offers a good twist at the end. I learned some things by watching the movie. It appears the writer spent time doing his research on scripture and history. I found the script itself to be the best part of the movie, followed by the performance of Frankie. He was not your typical physical imagine of a preacher. This made his character very interesting, and I enjoyed watching him… I found myself wanting to hear what else he had to say. I think this movie would be enjoyed by the over 13 Christian Genre.   DVD offers the making of the virtual effects, behind the scenes, movie trailer and director commentary. – Darla Enlow



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